Business Consulting

We have fifteen years of experience in the design, development and negotiation of telecommunications projects, including voice telephony (fixed and mobile) and data, with key players in Spain. We can analyze and define the communications infrastructure your business needs for technical and cost, from a single telco operator or by combining the best of each in every case.

We also offer business analysis as a whole, and we specialize in providing technology solutions for business improvement.

Engineering Jobs

We have solid agreements with companies as to perform engineering projects altogether, to resolve cases of remote control and monitoring, as well as projects of installations in office buildings or industrial. In these cases, we can manage the entire project and its implementation, including control rooms, machinery rooms, building electronics, IP telephony, structured cabling, home automation, etc.. and any necessary renovations and works.

Information Management

The development of custom applications is based on reuse of components in different layers, to achieve deadlines and reasonable costs, while still obtaining a product tailored to the needs of each client.

The basis of our projects is usually a cluster of open systems (based on open source software, public, and probed reliability), both from own development and third party, over we build the specific applications for each sector, well integrated. In turn, these applications are completed and configured to suit the product to each specific case.

We offer two methods of operation for our products:

  • Applications in-house:

    In this mode, the client has in his premisses all the necessary infrastructure to work: servers, data lines, etc. This infrastructure is relatively expensive to maintain (space, maintenance, special connections, controlled conditions...) and is usually only a good option in special cases (large movement of data, highly confidential information and often of great value...); it often carries non-negligible indirect operating costs (virtual private networks, machinery, etc.).

  • Applications rental:

    This mode has lower operating costs, as some customers share the same infrastructure (servers, upgrades, etc.). This is usually the best choice for small businesses, but also a suitable solution for businesses with large profusion of small premisses, as it allows to operate with minimal infrastructure in each of them (just an internet connection). In return, the applications can not perform so fast when working with large data (like pictures, for an instance) and every site is totally dependent on its Internet connection.

Products ready for use

We have solutions available for common needs, which require minimal adaptation to be fully operational:

  • File Server:

    Small server with all the necessary software to store the company documentation, shared between different users, with backup and version control so it is possible to retrieve a document stored at any given time, even after having it deleted or its content changed. It also includes virus detection and isolation of the affected files, and the possibility of maintaining remote copies of important files to safeguard them from theft, fire or major damage.

You may check our full services catalog.

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